Backing independent suppliers is something we’re absolutely committed too. We thought you might like to know a bit more about some of our friends behind your food:

Sumear Robins- Artisan Cheeses- Bristol
Sumear is the hard vegan cheese & long-aged cheese specialist. He’s an ex-dairy cheesemaker who uses the experience and techniques he learnt to make vegan cheese. He creates the cultures from scratch, and understands the science of cheesemaking.

Giles Lovett– Wicked Seitan- Surrey
Connor met Giles at Woking Vegan Market, where he was making vegan seitan wraps. He loved what he’d tried and found out that Giles made the Seitan himself. In no time at all, he was supplying his handmade Seitan directly to us, and customers have been going crazy for it since.

Freya Twigden- Fix8 Kombucha- London
Freya found her first Kombucha nestling in a fridge in Shanghai. Home-brewed by her Chinese medicine tutor to help boost her liver and stomach ‘qi’ (energy), it was love at first taste. That brief but brilliant buzz was the beginning of a positive obsession, & kombucha became a life-saver during her year in the fast, full-on, fanatical city that is Shanghai.

Andy Holt- VPud- Lancashire
Andy Holt is based just down the road from us right here in Lancashire. In 2007 he developed the first vegetarian black pudding, but that wasn’t far enough, so he worked harder and made it vegan! It’s great that we can work with a fellow Lancastrian, who recognises the needs of the vegan market and you folks certainly love it. It’s now our biggest seller.

Peter Lydiate- Royal Oak Farm - Lancashire
Each week we literally choose which farm each variety of our organic veg comes from, and one of those is Royal Oak, again, in our home county. They produce a wide range of crops, but more often than not your potatoes, broccoli, kale and cabbaged will come from them.

Jenny Costa- Rubies in the Rubble- London
Growing up on a farm in Scotland, Rubies founder, Jenny, learnt to be resourceful & creative with food, Jenny began reading about the problem of food waste. Shocked by the amount of fruit and veg that is rejected because it doesn’t look perfect, she began rescuing produce from New Covent Garden market and experimenting in the kitchen with childhood recipes. In 2012, she decided to take the idea from side hustle to centre stage.

Rachel and Kerry Tyrer- Artisan Bakers- Lancashire
Their bakehouse has been making bread since 1890 and they're just down the road from us on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. The demand for their real hand-baked bread is soaring and they bake freshly, every day, for you.


Supplying us:

It’s one of our passions to support local, independent suppliers who then directly impact their local economy, so we’re moving more towards a policy of engaging directly with people who are making, baking and creating themselves.

We’re obsessed with quality produce and reducing the environmental impact of what we do. We know that the best way to do that is to work directly with the people who make the produce, so we’re going to be doing a lot more of it.

By working directly with independent producers we can reduce food miles and help them work on packaging solutions too, to benefit the environment.


Interested in supplying LiveWell?

If you’re interested in supplying LiveWell, please email Paul at with a description of the product, photos, links to your website and any other information you can.