Bene Vivere

Bene Vivere which translates to Live Well was created with the aim of providing high quality cut no corners products to the public that as many people as possible can enjoy.


Everything we supply is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and we believe that our products should be enjoyed by all with no impact ethically and as little impact on the environment as possible.


We strive to work with all of our suppliers as much as possible to reduce our impact ethically and environmentally, this is how we believe as people and as a company business should be conducted in the 21st century.


Therefore, from everyone at the Bene Vivere team we hope you enjoy your experience and Live Well with us.

I was devastated but little
did I know that it was the starting point of my whole “make a change” era. 


After my little depression followed by heavy drinking I finally found myself and opened up a faux fur shop.

Started my own “LOVE” brand!

Improved the quality of fibers used for designing faux fur coats


I am going to expand the production by %40 


Keep working on improving the material used for my coats in order to stay competitive and as a result save innocent lives


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