LoveRaw Organic Chocolate Peanut Buttercups (34g)
An irrestible chocolate cup filled with a peanut butter filling. "LoveRaw is about taking everything back to natural. I believe in using simple ingredients & making honest products that taste amazing! This is a game changer, just taste it yourself...I...
LoveRaw Chocolate Salted Caramel Buttercups (35g)
What is a LoveRaw Butter Cup? An irresistible chocolate cup filled with a vegan salted caramel style filling This is our take on vegan salted caramel, sweet not too salty and the taste... just wow" 108 kcal per cup, No...
LoveRaw Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercups (34g)
Made with organic, fair trade chocolate, these chocolate cups from Love Raw are full of delectable hazelnut flavour. Sweetened with coconut sugar, these cups have a mouth-wateringly sweet taste derived from natural ingredients. Each of these delicious hazelnut butter cups...
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