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Doves Farm Organic Maize/Rice Penne Pasta (500g) - Live Well
Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs (10-12 Eggs)
Dragonfly Country Organic Natural Tofu (300g) - Live Well
Applewood Smoked Cheese Block (200g)
Bute Island Red Leicester Style Cheese (200g)
Bute Island Creamy Garlic and Herb Spread (255g) - Live Well
Barenaked Noodles (380g) - Live Well
Barenaked Barenaked Noodles (380g)
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Biona Wholegrain Rye Bread (500g) - Live Well
Biona Biona Wholegrain Rye Bread (500g)
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Bute Island Strong Cheddar Wedge Cheese (200g)
Clearspring Organic Smooth Tofu (300g)
Granose Lincolnshire Vegan Sausage Mix (150g) - Live Well
Difatti Gluten Free Gnocchi (250g) - Live Well
Bute Island Grated Mozzarella Style Vegan Cheese (200g) - Live Well
Diffati Spinach Gnocchi (250g) - Live Well
Diffati Diffati Spinach Gnocchi (250g)
Sale price£2.20
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Clearspring Gluten Free Buckwheat Pasta (250g)
Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Noodles (200g)
Eat Real Hummus Tomato and Basil Chips (113g) - Live Well
Barenaked Rice (380g) - Live Well
Barenaked Barenaked Rice (380g)
Sale price£2.15
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Barenaked Spaghetti (380g) - Live Well
Barenaked Barenaked Spaghetti (380g)
Sale price£1.95
In stock
Tofurky Smoked Ham Style Deli Slices (156g) - Live Well
Bute Island Blue Style Wedge Cheese (200g)
Tofurky Beer Brats Style Sausages (4) - Live Well

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