Geo Organics Tikka Masala Curry Paste (180g)
Create your own delicious Indian-style Tikka Masala with this Tikka Masala Paste from Geo Organics. 180g jar. IngredientsWater, tomato paste (23%)*, sunflower oil*, white wine vinegar*, ginger puree*, garam masala* (coriander*, cinnamon*, ginger*, clove*), ground coriander*, garlic puree*, turmeric*, sea...
Geo Organics Bhuna Curry Paste (180g)
Tasty Indian Bhuna curry paste, made with organic ingredients. 180g jar. IngredientsWater, tomato paste*, sunflower oil*, white wine vinegar*, ginger puree*, garlic puree*, ground cumin*, ground turmeric*, chilli powder*, ground cardamon*, sea salt*, ground fenugreek*. *organically produced Nutritional/Dietary Info This...
Geo Organics Balti Curry Paste (180g)
You can marinate your Tofu or vegetables overnight in a few tablespoons of this paste or alternatively use the paste stirred straight into your sauté pan or saucepan. More depth or flavour will be achieved if the paste is used...
Geo Organics Madras Curry Paste (180g)
Create your own delicious Indian-style madras curry with this organic Madras Curry Paste from Geo Organics. 180g jar.  IngredientsWater, tomato puree(17%), sunflower oil*, white wine vinegar*, garlic puree*, ginger puree*, sea salt, cayenne pepper*, cardamon*, clove*, fenugreek*, paprika*, cinnamon* *organically...
Geo Organics Thai Green Curry Paste (180g)
Thai green curry paste. IngredientsWater, diced onion*, green chilli (14%)*, green peppers (8%)*, sunflower oil*, white wine vinegar*, garlic puree*, ginger puree*, corn starch, cumin*, sea salt, orange juice (from concentrate)*, coriander*, lemon grass oil*. Nutritional/Dietary Info This product and...
Geo Organics Korma Paste (180g)
A delicious blend of specially selected, authentic Indian spices preserved in oil. Create your own delicious Indian-style korma with this organic Korma Curry Paste. 180g jar. IngredientsWater, sunflower oil*(15%), tomato puree*(15%), white wine vinegar*, coriander*, turmeric*, garam masala* (coriander*, cinnamon*,...
Geo Organics Thai Red Curry Paste (180g)
Hot and spicy paste for authentic Thai cooking. IngredientsWater, diced onion*, white wine vinegar*, red chilli peppers (9%)*, sunflower oil*, chilli powder (6%)*, garlic puree*, corn starch, sea salt, ground coriander*, orange juice (from concentrate)*, cumin*. *organically produced. Nutritional/Dietary Info...
Real Organic Yellow Curry Sauce (350g)
Authentic organic sauces, inspired by the recipes of Thailand s Royal Palaces. With origins in the recipes of the old royal palaces, these authentic sauces are inspired by Thailands vibrant contrasting flavours and created with the best fresh organic ingredients....
Geo Organics Thai Yellow Curry Paste (180g)
Delicious organic thai yellow curry paste. IngredientsWater, onions*, yellow peppers (10%)*, red chillies, white wine vinegar*, sunflower oil*, garlic puree*, corn starch, sea salt, cumin*, orange juice (from concentrate)*, coriander*, turmeric*, lemon grass oil*. *denotes organic Nutritional/Dietary Info This product...
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Real Organic Green Curry Sauce (335g)
Experience the taste of Thailand on your plate with Green Curry Sauce from Real Organic. Drawing inspiration from the authentic Royal Palace recipes of Thailand, this sauce delivers the quintessential flavours of the south of the country. Vegan-friendly and healthy,...
Real Organic Thai Red Curry Sauce (335g)
Discover the authentic taste of Thailand with Real Organic’s Thai Red Curry Sauce. Inspired by the Royal Palaces in Thailand, this aromatic sauce works wonderfully with red peppers, green beans and pak-choi in a stir-fry. Vegan-friendly, every mouthful is a...
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