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No Waste Fruit & Veg Box (Collection Only)
Our Paula's Garlic Butter (110g)
Our Paula's Garlic and Chilli Butter (110g)
British Organic Baby Beetroot (250g)
British Organic Gala Apple's (5 - 6 Pieces)
Organic Cucumber (Single)
Zann Organic Cucumber (Single)
Sale price£2
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Organic Aubergine (Single)
Zann Organic Aubergine (Single)
Sale price£1.80
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Organic Vine Tomatoes (500 g)
Zann Organic Vine Tomatoes (500 g)
Sale price£2.80
In stock
Organic Conference Pears (500g)
biovergal Organic Conference Pears (500g)
Sale price£2.60
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Organic Red Peppers (2 Pieces)
Camposeven Organic Red Peppers (2 Pieces)
Sale price£1.99
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Organic Coconut Milk Powder (1kg)
Demerara Sugar Organic (500g)
Suma Demerara Sugar Organic (500g)
Sale price£3.65
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White Basmati Organic Rice (500g)
Organic Kumquat (250g)
BIOALGARROBO Organic Kumquat (250g)
Sale price£1.50
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Doves Farm Spelt Flour White (1kg)
Organic Four Grain mexican Tofu Bengal Burger (175g)
Organic Kholrabi (single)
Camposeven Organic Kholrabi (single)
Sale price£1.50
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British Organic Jeruasalem Artichokes (250g)
Organic Fresh Red Chillies (200g)
Zann Organic Fresh Red Chillies (200g)
Sale price£2.50
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SBN Labs Vegn Pro-Isolate (1KG)
SBN Labs SBN Labs Vegn Pro-Isolate (1KG)
Sale price£34.99
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Frys Chicken Style Strips (380g)
frys Frys Chicken Style Strips (380g)
Sale price£3.50
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