Top 10 Vegan Replacements

When moving to a vegan diet, there are some things that seem impossible and a serious uphill battle when starting out. Things that are second nature to be now were so daunting at first, here are 10 of the best vegan alternatives and where to find them: 

  • Milk 

  • Now this depends on what you are looking for, so this has been broken down for uses:

    For the taste:

    If you are looking for milk to go on cereals, to make desserts or to have in smoothies then try those with a rice base. These will be much sweeter. If you're looking for something to use in cooking try the rice and coconut blends, rice will give you the sweetness and coconut will give you the creamy fat content which is necessary in cooking. 

    For a Brew:

    You know the case, you try and make a tea or coffee with a vegan milk and it looks like the milky way is staring back up at you as the milk begins to curdle. Nobody is going to be convinced to try and vegan alternative when its looks like it went off a week ago! Using a thicker barista style milk are the best for teas and coffees to achieve as close to a ‘normal’ brew as you can. Try the hemp barista milk if you like to retain a more bitter taste, and the oat barista for a sweeter taste. 

    For the ‘Gains’:

    If you’re looking for a good milk to to support muscle recovery and a higher amino acid profile, try hemp milks. These do have more of a bitter taste so they mix well with shakes and supplements as they don't interfere too much with the taste. 

  • Cheese 
  • Vegan cheese has come a long way over the last few years, there is still very little that melt just the same way as diary cheeses but they are getting much closer, our top products are:

    •  for a philadelphia style cheese to add on sandwiches, bagels, and to pasta bakes 
    • for melting on top of pizzas, lasagnes, pasta bakes and on jacket potatoes 
    • for sandwiches, raps and on crackers with some chutney

    All these are available from Live Well with the best quality and taste in mind. Just search for our cheeses and chutneys using our search function.

  • Sauces and dips 
  • There is no need to give up something to dip your chips in or spread on your vegan burgers, these sauces taste just as good as the original and have none of the nasty animal products:



    Salad Dressing 


  • Chocolate 
  • Yes you don’t need to give up chocolate! 

    In fact chocolate has lots of health benefits, our favourites are:

    If you want the raw deal - raw chocolate that hasn't been heat treated and therefore it still contains all the vitamin C that nature blessed it with, a guilt free treat that's great for your immune systems .. and your soul! -

    Something a bit different

    A Classic!

  • ‘Meat’ 
  • There are lots and lots so meat alternatives these days which means that making a healthier, environmentally conscious and generally cheaper choice isn’t so much of a challenge. Based on they type of dish you are looking for, a few of our favourite alternative are:

    • For curries and pasta dishes - seitan chunks 
    • For wraps - mo duck 
    • For sandwiches - tofurkey and mheat bacon 
    • For jacket potatoes - false tuna 
    Protein Shakes 

      There is a huge movement of athletes turning to vegan protein shakes and vegan diets to optimise their performance, the vegan products also tend to have added health benefiting ingredients which is a plus, some of our favourites are:

      Cranberry and Goji Berry Superfood Protein

      Some surprising benefits of Goji Berries:

      • Great for heart health 
      • Increase sexual performance in men 
      • Powerful antioxidant

      Chia seeds:

      • Great for omega 3 fatty acids 
      • Improves hydration 
      • Increases absorption in the gut 
      Sweets and snacks 

        You don’t have to give up treats just because you want to give up melted animal bones .. phew! 

        Here are some of the best snacks and treats for those sugar cravings:

        • Fizzy sweets
        • Liquorice 
        • Choc coated raisins 
        • Biscuits 
        • Midget Gems 


        Yes, you need to check the labels because almost ever conventional crisp will (sadly) have milk in, here are some guaranteed safe bets: 

      1. Surprisingly, walkers prawn cocktail 
      2. Hummus Crisps:
      3. Veg alternatives -

      5. Egg Replacements 
      6. This will depend on what you are looking for, if this is for baking, for your full english breakfast or binding burgers: 

        Baking and binding:

        Soaked Chia Seeds

        Soaked Flax Seeds/ Linseeds 

        Scrambled Egg:

        Soft tofu mixed with nutritional yeast and turmeric powder: