Paul: I'm living life on the veg.....

I’ve just spent all day writing about fruit and veg, and I’m pretty excited about it. For me, food isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. It’s the reason I’ve spent most of the last ten years doing it.

It isn’t just the food itself that’s my passion, but the sourcing of it, being able to teach you, the consumer about where their food comes from. That’s what I enjoy the most. So I’m really excited that we launch our extended fruit and veg range today, with our new Organic lines.

It’s been really fun, though the team might disagree with the speed I like to do things at. Working with Organic North, I’ve been able to literally choose the farms each of the new products comes from and research them in depth. I’ve written the descriptions myself, so apologies if they’re a little long winded, but I want you to enjoy the buying and eating process, knowing who you’re supporting, and what you’re eating.

Since Connor and I took over LiveWell, I’ve said that I wanted us to be all about supporting Independent Producers, and today marks another big milestone in that journey. I want you to not just be able to get all of your plant-based groceries with us, but for that to be an education and and enjoyable journey in sustainability.

Straight away, working with Dom, we introduced fruit and veg. In our first week we were up at 4am and at St. James’ Market with him. But we wanted you to be able to have the choice between Organic and non-Organic, and now you have.

This is just the beginning of the journey for us, but one we’re moving along pretty quickly. You can take a look at our fruit and veg range here, and we’ll be constantly adapting it every single week. Our Organic range will arrive every Tuesday, and we’ll restock on that day each week.

If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, please let me know.