10 things to kickstart your health this year!

10 things to kick start your health in 2020 

With the new year in full swing and everyone looking to make changes for a healthy lifestyle, we have put together 10 simple things you can start to incorporate into your life to help improve your health. Try adding a new one into your routine each week to help ease your way into a healthier body this year… 

  • Drink More Water 
  • It’s an old one but still the single best thing you can do to improve your health, Your body should be 70% water and this is the option level for your cells to be working on. Make sure you also consider reducing the drinks/foods in your diet which are dehydrating you - this is mainly tea, coffee, energy drinks etc. 

    Aim for 2-3 litres of fresh filtered/mineral water (none plastic bottle) a day. 

    TIP: Start your day with a pint of water, have a pint of water half an hour before you eat any meal and have a pint before you go to bed. Are there any aids to supporting Hydrations...organic teas, pickle juice?

  • Introduce Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • This will aid your digestion, build a good gut flora and assist in muscle recovery.

    Start each day with a table spoon in a pint of water. 


  • Have at least one Vegan meal a day 
  • Veganism doesn't have to be all or nothing, having just one high plant based meal a day will greatly improve your digestive system, help the environment and is generally cheaper. For some ideas for recipes check this out:


  • Work on your fibre intake 
  • Fibre is the most lacking part of our diets these days and its so important to our digestive system and how we support natural detoxification. Work towards having a small portion of fibre in each meal, this could be - soaked oats, soaked and cooked brown rice, side portion of pulses - chickpeas/beans etc, adding an additional portion of fruit/veg to each meal. 

    TIP: when preparing meals for work ensure you have a side of leafy/cruciferous veg in each meal - our favourite is a side of broccoli.  

    1. Increase Swollen Foods 

    Swollen foods not only aid digestion which is the very basic building block to good health, but they also help your hydration levels which supports all the processes in your body. Try making one meal a day all about swollen foods: 

    Soaked overnight oats 

    Brown Rice congee 

    Chia Seed Water - https://ohsheglows.com/2013/03/01/chia-fresca-a-natural-energy-drink/

  • Reduce process sugar 
  • We all know its bad, but actually the research is showing more and more how damaging process sugar can be - it stimulates the growth of bacteria and yeasts in the body, increases internal stress levels and interferes with the immune systems natural function - so cut this out as much as you can.

    Natural alternatives https://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/best-natural-sugar-alternatives/

  • Get your 8 hours 
  • Sleep is so important for your overall health and the repair of your body and its organs. 

    Make the effort to get 8 hours sleep as many nights as you can, if you find it difficult to sleep natural aids could be to use lavender oil on your pillow, valerian herbal supplement and a bath with magnesium salts will relax you to drop off into a peaceful nights sleep. If you have an iPhone your alarms will have a setting to help you set up what time you need to go to sleep to get 8 hours in, or you can download a variety of sleep tracking apps to help you monitor how much sleep you are getting.

    Interesting fact - take a look at the repair cycle your body goes through in your sleep: 


  • Buy Organic 
  • Organic simply means the food is grown with natural fertilisers and without chemical pesticides, herbicides etc. It’s back to basics and the natural way of farming which ensures the trace minerals are in the soil, which in turn gets into your food, commercially grown produce doesn’t have these which have an impact on the processes going on in your body. Supermarkets offer organic ranges but they can be heavily processed before they reach the shelf, check out Riverford who will deliver to your door: https://www.riverford.co.uk/cli/

  • Start bathing in Magnesium salts 
  • Magnesium has lots of health benefits including - relaxes muscles, aids in sleep, supports natural digestion, its the fourth most abundant mineral in the body involved in 325 biochemical reactions and helps to maintain a healthy heart and nervous system.


  • Get yourself a Menstrual cup (sorry boys) 
  • In 2020 there is no reason to still be filling your body and landfill with toxic, over processed and bleached sanitary products. Not only will this help your pocket, your body but also the environment.